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             三高牌組合礱碾米機有NZJ和SB兩個系列,NZJ-10/8.5聯合米機85年、90年連續榮獲省優,88年榮獲部優,SB-10D組合米機91年榮獲省優,SB- 30組合米機榮獲93年很受歡迎的農副產品加工機械,SB系列組合米機是國內品種較多的系列化礱碾組合米機。根據市場需要,公司通過引進技術,技術革新,現已擁有成套碾米設備的技術和實力,已批量生產日產30噸、50噸、70噸成套碾米設備,其具有加工米質好、碎米率低,出米率高、安裝維修操作簡單、工作可靠的優點,深得用戶的好評。公司還生產供應成套碾米設備各種配套單機,質優價廉,承接日產100噸以上的大型成套碾米設備工程。


             Shangdong Yutai SANGAO Machinery CO.,LTD(the late Shandong Yutai Machinery Manufactory),was one of the imprtant enterprises in exporting machinery and elcetric products in the country,a specialized factory of rice processing equipment with nearly 50years of history,It is an exportoriented company of joint venture,possessing a rice miller assembling factory overseas.With the trade mard of “sangao” and the productivity of 10,000sets of combine miller,it has intermational leading position in scientific research and technique level,with its products well its products well sold in 54 countrides and districts,enjoying exellent reputation and wide users.

             The SANGAO Brand combine milling machines are divided into 2series of NZJ and SB.Among the products,Model NZJ-10/8.5and SB—10D combine rice mills were awarded the title of“good products” several times in the province and by the ministry,Model SB-30 mill was considered popular product among the national farm by-prduct macines,and seriess,and series,SB mill is divided into many kinds.At the request of market,the company now possesses the alility of producing in batch compele sets of rice milling equipment with daily oridyctuvuty of 30 tons,50 tons and 70 tons,which features good quality of processing,low rate of rice broken,high rate of rice extraction,easy installatong,maintenance and operation,reliable work,and is welcome by consumers.it also iffers all kinds of single machine matched with ghe complete set in good quality and at low price,accepts the project of largesizde rice milling with over 100tons daily.

             With the principle of“Guided by the market,orineted by the customers and aimed at interests”,the company is continuously enlarging its export-oriented economy depending on technique renovation.It sincerely welcones any form of coperation with both consumers and businessmen from home and abroad for mutual interests and developments.



      · 電 話:18853757560

      · 傳真(FAX):0086-0537-6228838

      · 網址(HTTP):www.rrandallharrison.com


      · E-MAIL:ytxsgjxyxgs@126.com

      版權所有:魚臺縣三高機械有限公司        魯ICP備16017376號-1  
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